Sample - Property Website - Power Page Overview

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The Sample - Property Website Power Page allows you to showcase mock-ups of the default Buildout property website plugin.

Editing Your Template

The Sample - Property Website Power Page offers multiple page options allowing you to showcase your Signage in the best way possible.


If our default configuration does not suit your needs you can use any of the below options to move content and images to get the page configuration that works best for you!

  • Main Image: This option allows you to adjust the main image to show the website on a desktop browser, a mobile device, or both.
    • Available Selections
      • Desktop + Mobile (enabled by default)
      • Desktop
      • Mobile
      • Custom Image
  • Text: This description text explains the importance of the individual property websites.
    • Available Selections
      • Show (enabled by default)
      • Hide
  • Additional Image: Add an additional image to the page to fill the space or add more context.
    • Available Selections
      • Property Photo
      • Custom Image
      • None (enabled by default)
  • Captions: Use this option to show/hide captions to all the photos you have selected to show


How do I change the default text that appears on the page?

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