Adding contacts to a voucher

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How do I add contacts to a voucher?

When filling out a voucher, contacts are added on Step 2:


Contacts are organized into sections based on the voucher type. For example, a Lease Space voucher includes sections for Owner and Tenant contacts, which are required for submission. Every voucher includes an optional Other Deal Contacts section.

You can add multiple contacts to each section. To add a contact, click the “Add contact” button:


Outlined below are various options for selecting a contact to add to the voucher.

Reusing a contact from a past voucher

In the popup window, you have the option to search for an existing contact:


The search results will include contacts from your past vouchers. Click on a contact to select it:


NOTE: Users with the “Can Administrate Back Office for the Company” permission have access to contacts from all of the company’s past vouchers.

To finish adding your contact, select a “Role in this deal” and then click the green “Add [contact]” button.

Creating a new contact

If this is the first time you are working with a person or company, you can create a new contact directly from the voucher.

In the popup window, click into the search bar, and then click the “Create new contact” button:


This will open another popup window, where you can select the type of contact you’d like to create:


To save your new contact, fill out the form and click the orange “Save” button. Then, to add this contact to the voucher, select a “Role in this deal” and click the green “Add [contact]” button.

Adding a database contact [requires Lite CRM]

If you are a Lite CRM customer, you can also add contacts from your database(s) to a voucher.

When you search for a contact, matching database contacts will appear in the search results, labeled with the database name. For example, the contact in the screenshot below is from the “ACME North” database:


When you select a database contact, a copy of that contact is added to the voucher. This copy is linked back to the original database contact, which prevents you from seeing duplicates in your search results.

Next time you search for that contact, it will appear as an ordinary voucher contact in the search results:


Adding a contact from a project [requires Premium Marketing]

Premium Marketing customers can add contacts to their marketing projects, from the project Overview tab:


These contacts can be copied from the project to any associated voucher(s). When applicable, you will see a “Copy from project” button displayed on Step 2 of the voucher:


NOTE: The “Copy from project” button only appears in a given section if there is a contact on the project with a matching role. For example, if the project has a contact with a role of “Owner / Landlord,” the voucher will display a “Copy from project” button in the Owner section.

Clicking the “Copy from project” button will open a popup window where you can select one or more contacts to copy to the voucher:


To add contacts, check the corresponding boxes, then click the orange “Copy” button.

Removing contacts from a voucher

Contacts can be removed from the voucher by clicking the “trash can” icon next to the contact:


The contact is removed once you save the voucher, by clicking the orange “Save” button:


NOTE: Once a voucher has been submitted, contacts only be added or removed from Step 5, by users with the “Can Manage Back Office” permission.

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