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  Access levels

When sharing a document, Buildout allows for granular control over who can access which documents. In the screenshot below, you will see Access Level settings for each document. For Sale Only listings, you will only see one Access Level. For Lease Only listings, you will only see one Access Level. For listings offering both Sale and Lease, you will see Access Level settings for both listings.


These Access Levels are similar to the previous sharing settings in Buildout. The table below outlines which legacy 'bucket' relates to each of the new Document Center Access Levels.

Previous Sharing Buckets New Document Center Access Levels
Private Private
Public Public
Locked Low
Specific Users Medium, High

New locked document access levels:

Low will function the same way that a locked document works today. When a document is locked, and you set the CA & Access settings to instant access, the clients will get instant access to low-level docs.

Medium and High are two new access levels that can be used in whatever way your brokerage would like to use them.


We suggest that Medium and High Access Levels are used to give your clients access to higher-level documents as they progress through a deal lifecycle.

Managing document access on a per-lead level

Now that an Access Level has been set for each of your documents, you can change which leads have access to what documents through the Leads tab of your listing in Buildout.


These access levels will match up to the access levels that you set on the documents. For example, if Sale Brochure and Sale Proposal are a doc access level of Medium, and you give Bob a Doc Access Level of Medium, Bob will be able to view both of those documents in the Document Center.

Additionally, Access Levels are progressive. For example, if a user has access to Medium level documents, they will also have access to Low-level documents, but will not have access to High-level documents. If a user has access to High-level documents, they will be able to see all locked documents available.

Granting document access for a lead

When a lead requests more information through your Property Website, they will show as No Access until a user in Buildout selects an access level for them.

When a lead signs a CA to view locked documents, they will automatically gain access to Low-level docs.


Medium and High access must be granted manually from the leads tab, or by using the send link functionality.

Revoking document access for a lead

If you wish to revoke access for a lead, you can do so through the leads tab under the doc access level column. Just like you can set the lead to high, medium, or low, you can also revoke the access so they can’t see any locked documents for this listing.

Blocking a lead

An MC user can block a lead so they can’t see any locked documents for the whole company, by clicking on the gear icon and clicking to block the lead. Once the lead is blocked, the MC user can always follow that same workflow to unblock the lead. Blocked leads will be visible on both the listing level and the leads index.


In order to block a lead, the lead must already be in a Verified state. If your user has Manage Company permissions, but you do not see the option to block, check the state of the lead.

CA & access settings

All settings remain the same but instead of this being a tab under the sharing tab, it is a tab in the documents tab.


Send link

Buildout users can now send a link to the documents directly to their client via the send link functionality without bypassing the CA. To learn more about this process, click here.

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