Buildout Beta & Feedback Program FAQ

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The Buildout Beta & Feedback Program will be a way to get new features or ideas out to customers to provide Product feedback to make our products the best they can be! 

What is our beta program? 

Our beta program will give you early access to new features that we’re working on to test out and provide feedback early. Our learning how you use these new features or workflows will help influence what’s released to everyone at the time of launch.

What is our feedback program? 

Our feedback program will give you an opportunity to chat directly with our product managers to help shape the future of Buildout. This could be to help identify key problems or workflows you think are missing or even providing your feedback on some market changes we’re seeing. All feedback is good feedback.

How do I participate in the program?

Navigate to your Profile Settings in Buildout and open the Beta Program tab. From there, use the toggle buttons to select which features from the Beta and Feedback Program you want to participate in. 


What if I don’t like the change? 

Don’t worry, for any betas we deploy in your account, there will be an ability to revert back to the original feature/workflow before full launch.

Where can I provide feedback once I start using it? 

FUTURE: There will be a persistent message box that appears on these new screens that allow you to provide feedback as you see fit. There may also be other surveys occasionally in app to help gauge specific feedback.


  • This feature is in the works but will be in the resource center of Buildout for the users that have signed up for the beta program

How do I remove myself from the beta program?

You will be able to unsubscribe from the beta or feedback program in your profile settings under Beta Program.

When I sign up, am I signing up for myself or my whole company?

You are just signing up for yourself. Each of the features that are in the beta program will not be features that can affect the whole company. If we notice your whole company has signed up, we will reach out about company-wide betas.

What does the process look like for delivering new beta features to these users? 

When we’re ready to release new features, we’ll send an in-app notification to these users to let them know that something new has been added to the beta and where to find it. If a user wants to revert back, they can contact support and we’ll create a ticket to revert.

What’s the difference between the feedback program and the beta program? 

If you sign up for the beta program, you’ll get new features automatically to test out and provide feedback. If you sign up for the feedback program, you’ll be considered by our product management team to reach out to regarding new ideas or to review mockups before they’re even developed. 

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