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Through the Document Center feature, Buildout users can now send a link to the documents directly to their client via the send link functionality without bypassing the Confidentiality Agreement.

Note: This feature is specifically intended to be used when you would like to send a client or potential client a direct link to sign a CA and view locked documents without them needing to create a Buildout Connect account. If you are wanting to send a document link to yourself or other collaborators in your office, you should use the Copy Link button instead.

How do I send links to my documents?

Clicking on Send Link next to the New button on the Documents tab of a listing will prompt you to enter the email address(es) of the client(s) you would like to send the one-time document link to.


Once the link is sent, a confirmation modal will appear to confirm.


Your client will then receive an email notifying them that they’ve been invited to view documents.


Once they click on View Documents, they will be prompted to fill out some basic lead information for the broker while signing the CA.


When the client clicks on Sign CA, they will be able to view all the documents to which they have been granted access.


How long will this link be active?

In order to manage who actually has access to the documents at any given time, these links are one-time links that expire after 24 hours. If a client clicks on a document link after it has expired, they will receive the following notification:


When they click here, a new link will be sent to their email automatically. You will not be notified or need to send them a new link.


This link will allow the client to view the documents again and this workflow can be followed at any time to regain access to the documents. This process only applies to clients who do not have Buildout Connect accounts. If your client creates a Buildout Connect account, they can access shared documents at any time via Buildout Connect.

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