How do I co-list with a broker from another company?

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If you are collaborating on a listing with a broker from another firm, you can add them to your property as an Outside Broker. This will allow their license and contact information to be added to your marketing materials without incurring additional licensing fees

How Do I Add an Outside Broker?

To add an outside broker to your property, open the Property Edit Form to the Brokers section and select “Other Office.” The broker dropdown will change to a manual entry field and from there, you can enter the outside broker’s name or email.

If this is the first time you’re working with that broker, you can submit a request to add them, and our support team will review their information and activate their profile within one business day.

NOTE: If the “Other Office” radio button does not appear, submit a support ticket and we’ll activate the outside broker feature for your company.

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