How Do I Move My Listing's Map Marker?

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Buildout’s integration with Google automatically determines a property’s location when you enter its address in the Property Edit Form. The location of the map marker is based on where Google places the address. Sometimes this automatic location isn’t perfect due to odd addresses or properties that have no true street address (i.e., a land listing). If you ever come across this issue or just want to fine-tune where your map marker appears, you have the ability to manually move it within the Location section of the Property Edit Form.

To manually override a property’s map marker location:

  1. Open the Property Edit Form and go to the Location section
  2. Click “Override Map Location,” which will present you with two ways to edit the map
  3. Choose which edit function best fits your listing
    1. Drag your map market to the specific location on the map
    2. Enter the exact latitude and longitude of the listing
  4. Save the Property Edit Form

NOTE: Zoom in and out to make it easier to control the location at the right level of detail. If your property is mistakenly located at Lat/Long=0/0 it will initially appear in the middle of the ocean, so zooming out can be a big help.

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