Why can’t I change the primary broker on this property?

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Sometimes properties move from one broker to another. When this happens, the primary broker needs to be changed out. However, if the primary broker on the property has syndication connected, a few changes are needed before you can switch out the broker.

If a broker has the property syndicated to any syndication channels set up in their user profile, the first step is to change the property status to off-market. This will prompt the syndication channels to take down the posts for that broker. Once the update is complete, the primary broker can be changed in Buildout. This step exists to prevent any duplicate or incorrect posts about a property.

How do I take a property down from syndication channels?

To take the property down, open the Property Edit Form and:

  1. Un-check “For Sale” and “For Lease” to take it off-market
  2. Make sure “Connect syndication?” remains checked so Buildout can update the syndication channels.  If “Connect Syndication?” is not checked, the channels will not update their posts.

The syndication channels each have their own update schedule: some are immediate and others may take a few days. Once the update is complete, then you will be able to change the Primary Broker.

What if I’ve taken the listing down and still can’t change the broker?

There may be a problem with one of the connections to a syndication site. You can check the status messages for the channels in your property’s Syndication tab. If there is an error message for any of these channels write to our Support team (support@buildout.com) and we will reset the syndication.

What if I need to change the broker for several listings?

If an agent leaves the company, you may need to change the primary broker for several listings. In that event, please reach out to the Support team for help with a mass update.

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