Completing the Property Edit Form

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Learn about the Property Edit Form, where all your data is stored for each property, and how it pushes information to marketing materials in this overview. 

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Navigating the Property Edit Form (01:17)

  • Jumping to specific sections via the tabs on the left-hand side of the form.
  • Touching on the two clickables boxes at the top of the form (proposal, connect syndication)
  • Making sure to save the form as you go as it does not automatically save

Listing a Broker or Outside Broker on a property (03:10)

  • When an outside broker request is submitted, our Support team will contact you seeking out additional information (broker name, company name/logo, etc.) in order to complete the outside broker’s profile.

How the primary property type and subtype impact the rest of the Property Edit Form (06:22)

  • You may see different fields/sections depending on the property type you are using

Including a lease and/or sale expiration date (08:11)

  • If a listing is expired, it will be treated as ‘off-market’.
  • Be sure to keep this field up to date as ‘off-market’ listings will not display outside of Buildout.

Uploading property photos and videos (10:58)

  • We suggest using PNG or JPG file types when you upload property photos.
  • If adding a video URL, make sure it is a YouTube or Vimeo link

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