Property Financials

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Learn how to use the Financials section of the Property Edit Form to add basic or advanced financial information for sale properties, and compare multiple financial statements in your documents. 


If you'd like to skip ahead to a specific section, you can jump to the following times to learn about:

Filling out a sale price (00:26)

  • Accessing the Property Edit Form
  • Selecting the Sale Availability
  • Finding the Financials section
  • Filling out Sale Price or choosing to hide the price for your property

Using advanced financials information (01:30)

  • Selecting ‘Show Advanced Financials’ to access the financial statement builder
  • Filling out the fields that do not calculate
  • Naming the financial statement

Adding income & expense breakdowns (03:30)

  • Select Income or Expense Breakdown to open the table
  • Add rows to list different expenses or sources of income
  • Auto-calculating NOI and Cap Rate

Including a loan breakdown (05:43)

  • Select Loan Breakdown to open the table
  • Choosing the loan split

Creating additional financial statements (06:17)

  • Choosing ‘Add new statement’ or selecting ‘Duplicate financial statement’
  • Naming the new statement
  • Adjusting the fields to reflect proforma values
  • Use this process to create proforma or historical financial statements

Displaying financials in your documents (07:37)

  • Creating an Offering Memorandum or Proposal
  • Selecting ‘Choose Financial Statements’ on the Financial Details or Income & Expenses page
  • Ordering the statements to display as needed
  • Selecting page options to hide sections or display Per SF or Per Unit values

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