Uploading a PDF to Documents and Libraries

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By watching the video below, you will learn how to add outside PDF documents to each of your properties and also how to add outside PDF pages to any document via the PDF pages that are included within each document library.

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Uploading a PDF to your Document Library (00:13)

  • Drag and drop a file from your computer into the Documents area
  • Uploaded documents will be red, while Buildout documents are blue
  • Uploaded documents are not editable, while Buildout documents are

Adding a PDF to your Buildout documents using the PDF with Header/Footer page (00:55)

  • Drag the PDF with Header/Footer page up from the page library
  • Click the Upload PDF Content button on the page edit bar
  • Remember to leave enough white space in your document so your uploaded content doesn’t overlap Buildout’s header and footer content.
  • If you need to resize the PDF, feel free to contact our Support team for more information on the size of your document headers/footers.

Using the PDF Document page (02:01)

  • This page is also available in your page library if you want your PDF to take up an entire page within your Buildout document.
  • You can choose to upload your PDF as a single page or as several pages
  • You can upload both portrait and landscape PDFs to this page.

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