Creating and Using Comps

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Learn how to create and edit Sale and Lease Comparables to include in your documents. 

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Creating new Comps (00:19)

  • Navigating to the Comps tab and choosing sale or lease comps
  • Selecting the ‘New Comp’ button to open the Comps Edit Form
  • Filling out the data, similar to the Property Edit Form

Including Comps in your documents (03:00)

  • Navigate to a property and create a document
  • Scroll down to the Comps, Comps Map, and Comps Summary pages
  • Select ‘Edit Comps’ gear in the blue page bar
  • Select ‘Add another comp’ to open the Sale or Rent Comps interface to select the comps to display
  • Click ‘I’m done adding comps’ and then ‘Done Editing’ to update the comps pages with your selections
  • Use the options on the pages to display different content for the comps, like Unit Mixes

Using multiple Comp groups (06:45)

  • In the ‘Select Comps’ interface, click the ‘Add another comp group’ button
  • Use the two groups to select different comps to group together
  • Select ‘Done Editing’ to return to the document pages
  • Pull up a new version of the Sale or Rent Comps page to see the new group
  • Rename the pages as needed to indicate which group is displaying: On Market, Sold, etc
  • Note that individual users can access only the comps they create unless permissions are added to access other users comps

Download a CSV file of all Comps (08:30)

  • Navigate to the Comps tab
  • Type ‘.csv’ at the end of the page URL to automatically download a csv of either the Sale or Lease Comps

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