Creating a New Document

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In this video, you'll learn how to create and customize a new document to include photos, maps, and different page layouts. 

If you'd like to skip ahead to a specific section, you can jump to the following times to learn about:

How to manage listing data in your Buildout Documents (00:50)

  • Understanding how data flows from the Property Edit Form to the Documents
  • How to change the document name, using the Document Option Tool

Adding and removing pages from your document (02:34)

  • Adding/Removing Pages
  • Deleting document pages quickly using Shift Key
  • Dragging up Pages from the Page Library and undoing manual page customizations

Editing the page name and available page options (05:08)

  • Discussing the Pages blue bars
  • How to Change the Page Name
  • How to use Page Options

Displaying photos in your document (05:52)

  • How to change/move and manage your document photos

Editing Maps on your Pages (7:13)

  • Changing Map Type and Zoom Level

Changing a Page Layout (07:56)

  • How to use Page Layouts

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