Why isn’t my document updating with information I’ve added to the Property Edit Form?

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When text is manually edited from within the Document Editor, the connection between that page and the Property Edit Form is severed. This means that any new updates made in your Property Edit Form will not push to that specific page. For this reason, we recommend avoiding manual text edits within the Document Editor and solely updating your information in the Property Edit Form whenever possible for the best results.

How do I fix the page so my Property Edit Form updates appear?

Pull up a new version of that page into your document from your Page Library. This new page will have a fresh connection between the document and the Property Edit Form. Keep in mind that the new page won’t have any of the manual edits made on the previous page, but it will reflect all current data in the Property Edit form.



Are there instances where it might be useful to break the connection between my documents and the Property Edit Form?

Disconnecting a page from the Property Edit Form ensures that any new updates won’t override the manual edits you’ve already made in your documents. For example, if you rewrite the Property Highlights in the Document Editor for one of your brochures to aim at a specific buyer, you can update the Sale Bullets in the Property Edit Form and have the new data push to your other documents, syndication sites, and websites without it overriding the new Property Highlights you wrote.


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