Using Saved Pages in Buildout Documents

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Saved Pages are essentially snapshots of the page they were created from with updated content; once saved they will appear at the bottom of your Page Library with a star to the left of the page title. Since they share the same page template, Saved Pages can only be found in the same libraries that the original page appears in.


Reasons why Saved Pages don’t appear in a page library:

  • Different Document Types
    • Your page was saved in a Brochure library and is not available in an OM, or vice versa.
  • Different Versions of Documents
    • Your page was saved in one document template, “Sale Brochure”, and then your company added a set an alternative version to your library, “NEW Sale Brochure”.
  • Different Page Orientations
    • Your page was saved in the portrait orientation of a document, “Sale Brochure”, and is not available in the landscape version, “Sale Brochure (L)”, or vice versa.
  • Different Versions of Original Pages
    • Sometimes, if a newer version of your page template is available, our designers will replace the page in your library to allow access to increased functionality. If your page was saved before the template was replaced, it will not be available in documents created after the switch.

Pages you should avoid turning into Saved Pages

Certain pages in Buildout documents are more advanced than others. While several pages can be snapshotted and saved, there are a few pages that draw their content directly from the Property Edit Form of the original listing under which they were created. For this reason, we recommend that you avoid saving pages such as:

  • Retailer Map Pages
  • Site Plan Pages
  • Comps Pages
  • Financials Pages

If you find that you are wanting to save pages with any of the information listed above, we'd recommend the workaround of saving the page as a PDF. Then, you can insert the PDF into whatever document you'd like via the PDF Document page in the Page Library.


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