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December 2017

New syndication channel now available–Brevitas

Buildout is partnering with Brevitas to provide a new syndication channel for on-market investments. Buildout and Brevitas also have an existing integration that can be used to complete a one-time sync of off-market listings. These two integrations are compatible with each other and can both be used on the same account.
Brevitas is a comprehensive commercial real estate sales platform built on collaboration, automation, and intuitive design. Their marketplace uses a powerful algorithm to connect brokers with motivated, purchase-ready investors from their database.
These valuable connections are supported by a collection of sales management and marketing tools. Brevitas streamlines all aspects of the sales process by allowing brokers and agents to manage leads, launch customizable marketing campaigns, network with qualified members, protect critical documents, and easily obtain signatures. From listing to close, Brevitas increases efficiency and ease at every step.

Connect to Brevitas

  1. Go to your broker profile and find the syndication tab
  2. Connect to your Brevitas account or choose to sign up for an account
  3. Once you are connected, all on-market listings that are marked for syndication will immediately push to the site

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