Why are certain fields required in the Property Edit Form?

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Buildout’s required fields in the Property Edit Form are a result of feedback from brokers, syndication sites, and industry standards. Required fields are indicated by a blue background with red asterisk. We designed our document, website, and email templates around pulling that information so all of your marketing materials created in Buildout are consistent. Filling out all required fields in Buildout results in excellent marketing materials with minimal effort, so we encourage all of our users to embrace the required fields in the Property Edit Form.


What happens if I don’t fill out all of the required fields?

When you are initially entering a property into Buildout, you might not have all of the information needed to fill out all of the required fields. If that is the case, you have the option to save the form as a Draft. Doing so will retain the information that you have filled out in the Property Edit Form thus far.

Since a Draft is an incomplete form, you will not be able to create marketing materials for that property until all of the required fields are filled out and the form is saved.


Why are description fields required?

While a lot of the fields in the Property Edit Form are data, the Sale or Lease Descriptions don’t have the character limitations of other fields and allow you to tell the story of your listing.

Why are Lease Spaces required when I’m leasing the entire building?

The majority of fields in the Property Edit Form refer to information about the location or building itself but the Lease Space section allows the user to list each individual space available for lease.To make the same fields available for both single-space and multi-space lease opportunities, they all exist inside the same part of the form.

Can I choose which fields are required?

While you can’t remove the requirement from one of our default fields, you can request additional fields be made required. Be aware that required fields apply to all users in a company and all property types. Added required fields can have the requirement removed if you change your mind later on.

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