Managing Tables in Your Documents

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Tables combine multiple fields and pull them into one location in your documents and can’t be manually adjusted within the Document Editor the same way that single fields can. Instead, content for tables can typically be updated through the Property Edit Form.

How do I add or remove table content in the Document Editor?

To update data in your tables, your best option is to make those changes in the Property Edit Form so they are pushed consistently to all of your Buildout marketing materials and don’t disrupt the connection between your page and the Property Edit Form. If you are working on a custom table where all the data is manually added, you can make adjustments directly on the page.

If you want to show an additional row or column of content, here’s how to use Table Editors:

  1. Hover your mouse over the table you want to adjust and click the blue button that appears in the upper-left corner of the table to open the Table Editor.
    • This button might say “Edit Rows”, “Edit Columns”, or “Edit Rows and Columns”.
  2. The blue button will turn into a gray box with red and green icons which allows you to add or remove rows or columns. After clicking one of the options, a grey grid will appear on the table.
  3. Click a cell within the grid to select your row or column
    • Use the red icons to delete a selected row or column.
    • Use the green icons to add rows or columns.
      • New rows appear below the selected cell and new columns are added to the right of the selected cell.
  4. To add text to your new rows or columns, click anywhere on the page outside of the grey grid view to exit the Table Editor and then select the cell you’d like to add content to.
    • If the grey grid lines are still visible, you will not be able to enter text.

If I can’t edit my tables in the Document Editor, how do I adjust my content?

Some tables have a fixed number of columns, like the Offering Summary table on the Executive Summary page, while others have their rows and columns managed through the Property Edit Form.

Rent Roll and Unit Mix Summary

The Units section of the Property Edit Form populates data to the Rent Roll Page and the Unix Mix page. To manage the tables on these pages, make sure to update the Property Edit Form and any changes will push to the document.

Available Spaces

Any instance of the Available Spaces table pulls data from the Lease Spaces section of the Property Edit Form.

Income & Expenses

Changes to this page and the Income or Expenses table should be made in the Advanced Financials section of the Property Edit Form. This is because the values in this table are used to calculate other financial fields like Net Operating Income.

Demographics pages

Changing the demographics information in the Demographics Tab updates the data on the documents, website, and emails. Demographics data cannot be manually edited inside the Document Editor, but the individual fields and the Reporting Area’s radii can be overridden in the listing’s Demographics Tab.



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