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The Docs tab has the ability to sort any documents and uploaded content (such as Buildout-created documents, uploaded marketing materials, and other file types) for your property by adding them to folders. Folders can be made accessible on your property websites just like your documents. To learn more about this feature, please read our Document Sharing Overview.

Navigating the Docs Tab

By clicking into the Docs Tab from the property landing page, you are able to create and manage folders in addition to other useful features:

  • Tab Icons
    • Create a new Buildout document
    • Upload an existing file from your computer
    • Create a new folder
  • Search Bar
    • Use the Search Bar to quickly find anything in your library
    • The search bar will also search folders
    • Selecting a search result will jump you to the file’s location
  • Recycle Bin
    • Holds any deleted documents
    • The Recycle Bin will appear at the bottom of your document library after you delete your first document for the property

Using Folders

You can create a new folder by clicking on the folder icon near the top of the Docs Tab. Once the folder has been created, you can then click the gear option or right-click it to view, rename, or delete the folder. To add files to a folder, simply drag and drop any file or folder in the ‘All Documents’ section into the folder. Folders can hold a mix of files: documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, images, other folders, and more!

Viewing and Navigating Between Folders

Click a folder’s name or “View” to open a folder and view its contents. Upon entering a folder, you’ll notice a folder path will expand and change the previous folder’s name to a link.
If you go to another tab of the property page and return to the Docs tab, you will return to the same folder you were previously viewing. The “All Documents” link will always bring you back to your full Document Library.

Moving Content Between Folders

To move content to a folder, simply drag and drop the item(s) into the folder. Any new content created while you’re inside a folder will live in that specific folder. Use the gear option to move content up and out of folders to a specific nested folder or all the way up back to the full document library.


Thanks for learning about our Folders feature with this overview article and be sure to check out our Document Sharing Overview to get the most out of Folders!

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