Lease Space Requirements

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Once you mark a property “For Lease” in the Property Edit Form, the Lease Spaces section will appear. All lease properties require at least one filled-out Lease Space in order to save any edits in the Property Edit Form. There are several required fields that can only be found when editing a Lease Space.

How do I create a new Lease Space?

By default, one Lease Space will populate in the Lease Spaces section after the property has been marked "For Lease". Click on the space to expand the Lease Space Edit Form and begin filling out an individual space.

The following are required fields in the Lease Space Edit Form:

  • Deal Status
  • Space Name (Address 2)
  • Lease Rate
  • Lease Rate Units
  • Space Size
  • Lease Type

Values like the Lease Rate or Space Size must be a value greater than zero to meet the requirements. Lease Spaces can be duplicated save time filling out the Property Edit Form. If any spaces are missing the values listed above, the Property Edit Form will return “Lease spaces are invalid. Please check that all required lease space fields are entered correctly.”

Why are Lease Spaces required when I’m leasing the entire property?

A property that is available for lease is made up of one or more spaces. If the entire property is for lease, that is still an opportunity that needs to be filled out as a Lease Space to record information like the Lease Rate or Space size, even if it is the same as the Building Size.

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