Property Inventory Plugin - Feature Overview

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Buildout’s v3 plugin has been designed for full-width display on websites, increased mobile responsiveness, search engine optimization, and includes new configuration options. Different layouts and search filters can now be manually selected and instantly applied for your company’s plugin set; including new Modern designs for the Property Inventory Plugin and Individual Property Show Pages.

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Accessing Plugin Settings

Users with Can Manage Company (MC) permission can edit plugins on the Plugins tab of the Company settings. Each plugin has three different sections: Settings, Inventory Page, and Property Page. You can view these options by clicking on the plugin and expanding its menu.


Here users can select properties for the Featured Property Plugin, add or update your Google Analytics Tracking ID, override the default map position of the Property Inventory Plugin, and control whether properties with no photos appear in the plugin.

Inventory Page

This section is where you can configure layout and search fields for the Property Inventory Plugin that is installed on your company’s website.




Choosing a Plugin Layout

You can choose between Buildout’s more Classic look and the new Modern designs. When selecting a layout, you can click Preview to see the layout in a new browser tab with your branding and properties before officially switching.

Once you find a layout you like, click Select and then Update My Plugin to instantly update your plugin’s layout. Selecting a layout automatically updates the installed plugin and will display the changes on your website.

Modern layouts on the Property Inventory Plugin include the functionality to configure property fields and search filters. Check out each layout description and use the Preview button to choose the design that’s right for your company.


Configuring the Property Inventory Page

The modern layouts of the Property Inventory Plugin allow Buildout MC users to configure the experience their website visitors have while searching through their company’s properties. With Modern layouts, you can select filters you’d like to appear, control the order in which the filters will display, and modify what data shows on property preview cards in the Inventory plugin.

Choosing Search Bar Filters

With a Modern layout for the Property Inventory Plugin selected, your search fields will initially show the Buildout defaults. These default search fields are:

  • Property Type
  • Status (For Sale, For Lease, For Sale & Lease, All)
  • Building Size
  • Space Available
  • Year Built

To override these default fields, change their order, or add new search fields, click the green Add New Field button in the Search Fields area of the Inventory Page section and choose from the various options. You can add as many fields as needed.

Note that adding a new field overrides the Buildout defaults fields, so if you want to just add to the existing list of fields, you will need to re-add the default fields as well

As you add filters, they will appear in your Search Bar from left to right. The order these fields display on your Inventory Plugin matches the vertical order in the Search Fields. To reorder these fields, simply click and drag the fields into your desired order. Click Save Changes to finalize any changes you’ve made.

Overriding Default Property Fields

This section controls what fields display on the property preview cards for all properties that appear as search results on the Property Search Plugin.


When a new field is manually added, the original defaults will be removed so that the property preview cards only display your custom selections.

Click Add New Field to begin customizing a new property field for the property preview cards. In this editor, you can select what field will display, edit the field’s label, and set the display conditions for the field. You can return to the Property Field Editor at any time by clicking “Edit” on manually created fields.

Formatting How Fields Display

Once the field is selected, use the Formatting section to make any further customizations to the label. The Label field automatically matches the “Select Field” choice unless any custom text is entered in this text box.

Each field can be selected to display conditionally based using the Display Rules section. All fields will display on all property preview cards by default but can be specified by sale or lease properties and any combination of Buildout’s seven primary property types.

Once edits to a property field are complete, click Update to exit the Property Field Editor. The display order of the Property Fields section will match how the fields appear on the property preview cards on the live Property Inventory Plugin and can be rearranged by clicking and dragging. Click Save Changes to update the live plugin with any changes to the Property Fields.


Inventory Sort

By default, the property inventory will sort properties by “Last Updated”. You can sort alphabetically, by price, by size, or by date created as well as sorting by the distance from the map’s center.

Choosing a Property Page

Here you can choose from several layouts for the individual Property Show Pages. These pages contain all the property data, documents, and broker information you’ve created for the property within Buildout. These pages can be accessed in two ways: either by clicking on a listing in the Inventory plugin or through a direct link.


Property Details Table

Using the same process and options outlined above for the Property Card, you can manage which fields display in the table. Remember that adding fields will remove the default order in the table.


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