Property Summary - Power Page Overview

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With the Property Summary power page template you will be able to highlight and give a brief overview of your property. This page offers multiple options that allow you to showcase the information and images that best fit your unique needs.

Before you Start

We recommend that you fill out property information and add photos to the Property Edit Form before you start to configure the placement of content on the page. 

While this page does allow you to customize the content directly while editing your document, by entering information into the Property Edit Form (PEF) it ensures that your property stays up to date across all your marketing materials.

Edit your Template

The Property Summary Power Page offers many options for you to configure the page exactly how you want.This page is broken up into two columns where you can place content and images
(Note: the Main Image is the only content that can span both columns)


(Page Structure)

If our default configuration does not suit your needs you can use any of the below options to move content and images to get the layout you want.

  • Top Images: Changes the large image at the top of the page. You can also hide this section completely if you need a page heavy in text content. Options include:
    • 1 Photo
    • 2 Photos
    • Photo & Map
    • Map
    • Retailer Map
    • Small Photo - Left
      • Content in right column will align with top of photo
    • Small Map - Left
      • Content in right column will align with top of map
    • Small Photo - Right
      • Content in left column will align with top of photo
    • Small Map - Right
    • Content in left column will align with top of map
  • Left / Right Content: Allows you to select the type of content you want to show in either the left or right columns. Options include:
    • Property Description: Content will populate from sale or lease description field in PEF
    • Location Description: Content will populate from location description field in PEF
    • Highlights: Content will populate from sale or lease bullets field in PEF
    • Offering Summary: Rows will only appear if content filled out in PEF
      • Default Details:
      • Sale Price
      • Lease Rate
      • Number of Units
      • Available SF
      • Lot Size
      • Building Size
      • NOI
      • Cap Rate
    • Available Spaces: Will show a high-level overview of available spaces 
      • Content populates from Lease Spaces section of PEF
      • Will not show off market lease spaces
    • Demographics: Will show a high-level overview of property demographics
      • Content populates from Demographics Tab of your property show page
    • Custom Text / Table / Bullets: These 3 options allow you to edit content directly on the page template. We recommend using this for information not supported by the PEF
      • Important Note: With the exception of custom content all text in Left / Right content is shared and editing one instance will update all instances.
  • Left / Right Content Override: Allows you to completely override your left or right content selections with a:
    • Photo
    • Map
    • Retailer Map
    • Important Note: The selected photo / map will fill the entire column regardless of selections made in the Left or Right Content options


(Content Override Example)


Can I get my preferred option configuration to show by default when I pull up a new page from the library?

  • Yes! Your designer can easily set your default option configuration on the Property Summary power page template
  • Now, anytime you create a document this page template will be set to how you need it so you can create documents faster and get on with your day
  • You can reach out to for more information and request your default options be updated

I don’t see the custom field I just added to the Property Edit Form on my Property Summary page. Where does this information populate?

  • When requested, custom fields from the property edit form will populate at the bottom of the Offering Summary table in the left & right content
  • Ensure that you have selected Offering Summary in either the Left or Right Content options in the blue bar at the top of the page
  • If you are still not seeing this field, please reach out to to ensure your custom field is populating correctly into your property summary and to request more information about this feature

 Why do my Retailer Maps look stretched after I save the map and return to the page template?

There are a few reasons this could be happening we suggest looking at the following:

  • Ensure you only have one retailer map selected to show on the page
    • We can only allow one retailer map to show per page
    • We have this set to size based on the most prominent map selected to show
    • This may cause other retailer maps set to show on page to appear stretched
  • If you only have one Retailer Map selected and it still looks stretched follow these steps to fix:
    • Select Edit Map from blue bar at top of page
    • Make a small edit to the retailer map editor
      • Example: Move a marker slightly
      • You can revert change once it has been made to ensure it looks as you originally intended
      • Select Save Map when edits are done
      • Map should re-render with correct dimensions
  • For more detailed Retailer Map information please check out our Creating Retailer Maps Training Video

If this problem still persists please contact to investigate other solutions



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