Location Maps - Power Page Overview

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Before you start: Intention of this page

Here are some things to know before you edit this page.

All Power Page map pages are meant to be used in tandem with each to get a holistic view of where the property is located. Each page should be used to display maps and/or information pertinent to the name of the page.

The Location Maps Power Page is used to create a high-level overview of the area surrounding the subject property with the flexibility to include demographic data, a location description, or other custom content for additional local insight.

Edit your template

This page gives you plenty of options and layouts to configure your page exactly how you want.

The first drop-down list on the blue bar is layouts. Layouts affect the organization of the content available on a page. Here are the different layouts available for the Location Maps page:

  • Full Map

    • This layout dedicates the entire page to a single map, with options to display additional content on top of it.
  • Vertical Maps

    • This layout showcases two longer maps side-by-side, with the ability to add information beneath the left, the right, or both maps.
  • Horizontal Maps

    • This layout showcases two wider maps across the top and bottom of the page, with the ability to replace the bottom map with the same added text/table content as the other layouts.

The second drop-down list on the blue bar is Options. Options allow you to choose additional/different content shown on the page on a page. Here are the different options available for the Location Maps page:

  • Map

    • Location map
      • Standard Google map (Road, Satellite, Terrain, or Hybrid)
    • Retailer Map
      • Populates Buildout's Retailer Map feature
        • Giving you the ability to add retailer logos, Draw on the map, Add text to the map, etc…
    • Custom map
      • Gives you an image upload to upload your own map
  • Additional Info

    • Demographics
      • Populates a demographics table that shows demographics from the US Census or custom demographics you entered in the demographics tab
    • Location Overview
      • Populates the location overview text entered in the property edit form
    • Custom Table
      • Populates a blank table for you to enter any information that you would like to display
  • Additional Info Location

    • Allows you to change where the additional info options populate (Left or Right)
  • Compass

    • Allows you to populate a compass on the map
      • Options for White, Gray, Black or Custom
  • Map markers

    • Allows you to change the map marker
      • Company Marker
      • Name Marker (Property Name)
      • Address Marker (Property Address)
      • City Marker (Property City)
      • Custom Marker (Upload your own)

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