Land Lots - Power Page Overview

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The Land Lots Power Page provides a summary of the property’s multiple lots available for Land properties with the ability to display an overview image and table with data pulled from the Property Edit Form. 

This overview article will serve as a walkthrough of the page and its optional features to help you get the most of this Power Page.

Page Content


  • Lot Info Table
    • Displays an overall summary of the Land Lots.
    • Pulls data from the Lots Section of the Property Edit Form.
  • Site Plan
    • Displays a photo of the Land Lots.
    • Image labeled “site plan” in the Media Section of the Property Edit Form will display by default.
  • Lot Space Table
    • List of the Land Lots found on this property.
    • Displays data that has been entered in the Lots Section of the Property Edit Form.


The first drop-down list in the blue bar controls the page layout and organization of the content on the page. Here are the different layout options available for the Land Lots page:

  • 1/2 image (Portrait Orientation only)
    • Include the Lot Info Table, Main Image, and Lot Space Table vertically stacked.
  • 3/4 image (Portrait Orientation only)
    • Include a larger version of the Main Image, with the Lot Info Table and Lot Spaces Table vertically stacked.
  • Vertical (Landscape Orientation only)
    • Display the Lot Info Table and Lot Space Table on the left half of the page, with the Main Image on the right half of the page.
  • Horizontal (Landscape Orientation only)
    • Display the Lot Info Table, Main Image, and Lot Space Table stacked filling the width of the page.
  •  Full Page image (Both Orientations)
    • Fill the entire page with the Lot Info Table and Main Image, while the Lot Space Table will push to another page.

Page Options

Choose to show or hide information from the page in the Options button, located in the blue bar at the top of the page. The page options of the Land Lots Power Page include:

  • Main Image
    • Select from the Site Plan, Property Photo, Map, Retailer Map, or hide the Main Image from the page.
  • Lot Info Table
    • Show or Hide the Lot Info Table from the top of the page.
  • Lots to Show
    • Display Available, Unavailable, Pending or Sold lots based on the Deal Status marked in the Property Edit Form.
  • Table Columns
    • Check to display or hide columns from the Lot Space Table. 

Edit Map 

Edit the Retailer Map displayed in the Main Image section by selecting the Edit Map button. We recommend editing the Retailer Map after setting the page layout to create the map in the correct orientation. If the layout is updated after the map has been created, be sure to click the Edit Map button to recenter the map and retailer map markers.

To learn more about Retailer Maps, check out our Retailer Map Training Video.

Power Page Feedback

Buildout welcomes any and all feedback about this page, and all things Buildout. At this time, we’re unable to make customizations to power pages, but we’re happy to work with you to find a way to accomplish what you need. To submit feedback, email or use the feedback tab in the Buildout platform. Feedback is constantly reviewed by our team to continue to make Buildout better.

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