Demographics Map & Report - Power Page Overview

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The Demographics Map & Report Power Page combines the separate functionality of the Demographics Map and Demographics Report pages into one, with the added ability to insert custom data content, like traffic counts, retailer maps, and a variety of additional image options.

This overview article will act as a guide of the page and its functionality to help you get the most of this Power Page.

Page Function

  • Layouts
    • Select “Default” from the blue bar at the top of the page to update the layout of the map on the page.
  •  Options
    • Customize the page layout options by changing the Demographics Table content, Main Image, show an Additional Image or include a Custom Table.


The first drop-down list on the blue bar is layouts. Layouts affect the organization of the content available on a page. Here are the different layouts available for the Demographics Map & Report page:

  • 1/2 Map
    • This layout includes a Top Banner map or image, varying sets of Demographics Data, and the option to showcase an additional map or image as needed.
  • Full Page Map
    • This layout dedicates an entire page to the demographics map with greater map detail. Demographics Data and any additional content will be displayed on a second page. 


Page options can be updated in the second drop-down list of the blue bar. Options affect what information displays on the page. Different options available for the Demographics Map & Report page include:

  • Demographics Data
    • Display Demographic Information from the Demographics Tab within the property.
    • Check to display sections related to Population, Households & Income, Ethnicity, Race, Race Percentages, Traffic Counts (pulled from the Cross Streets and Traffic Count fields of the Property Edit Form), and show or hide the Disclaimer text.
  •  Main Image
    • Change the main image on the page to display the Demographics Map, Location Map, Custom Map, Property Photo or hide the image from the page.
  •  Additional Image
    • Select to display a smaller version of the Demographics Map, Location Map, Retailer Map, Custom Map, or Property Photo.
    • The Additional Image will display in the lower right corner of the page next to the Demographics Data in the 1/2 Map version of the page, or in the top banner of the second page in the Full Map version.
  •  Custom Table
    • Show a custom table to manually enter additional demographic, traffic, or custom data below the Demographics Table.

Edit Map

Edit the Retailer Map displayed in the Additional Image section by selecting the Edit Map button. We recommend editing the Retailer Map after setting the page layout to create the map in the correct orientation. If the layout is updated after the map has been created, be sure to click the Edit Map button again to recenter the map and retailer map markers.

To learn more about Retailer Maps, check out our Retailer Map Training Video.

Power Page Feedback

Buildout welcomes any and all feedback about this page, and all things Buildout. At this time, we’re unable to make customizations to power pages, but we’re happy to work with you to find a way to accomplish what you need. To submit feedback, email or use the feedback tab in the Buildout platform. Feedback is constantly reviewed by our team to continue to make Buildout better.

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