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The updated Advisor Bio page provides the ability to showcase a broker’s biography with the ability to alter the layout and content of the page. Biography information is pulled directly from the Biography section of the Profile Settings page. Each broker listed on the property will have a unique Advisor Bio page to display their biography. This Power Page is found in your page library marked with a lightning bolt icon and highlighted in mango to note the powerful functionality.

This overview article will act as a guide of the page functionality to help you get the most out of this Power Page.

Page Function


  • Default Page Content
    • Information displayed on the page will display what has been completed in the Broker’s Profile Settings page. You may notice different content is displayed for different Advisor Bio pages in the same content if particular fields have or haven’t been completed for all brokers.

Page Options

Customize page content by using the Options button in the blue bar at the top of the page. Content will pull directly from the Broker’s Biography section in their profile settings, but in most cases can be overridden by typing directly on the document. Content options available on the Advisor Bio page include:

  • Broker Info
    • Check to display the broker’s Photo, Job Title, Direct Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Social Media and Licenses. All Contact Info will be displayed by default.
  • Biography Info
    • Education, Memberships, Professional Background, Recent Transactions (list), Recent Transactions (logos).
  • Number of Transaction Logos
    • Choose to feature up to four logos when the Recent Transactions (logos) Biography Info page option has been turned on.
  • Company Info
    • Display the Company Name, Address, Phone Number at the bottom of the Advisor Bio page, or choose to Hide All.
  • Photo Shape
    • Display the Broker Profile Photo as Square or Round, to mimic the design elements available on our Meet the Team Power Page.  
  • Number of Columns
    • Update content to display in 1 Column, expanding the width of the page, or use the 2 Column layout to display content side by side on the page.
  • Page Elements
    • Show or hide the broker photo and decorative border surrounding the text on the page. Boarder can only be removed from the One Column layout option.
  • Border
    • Show or Hide the border highlighting the Broker’s Contact Information
  • Custom Fields
    • Turn on or off any custom fields that have been added to the Custom section of the Profile Settings page. To learn more about Custom Fields or add additional fields to your Advisor Bio page, contact our Support Team.

Power Page Feedback

Buildout welcomes any and all feedback about this page, and all things Buildout. At this time, we’re unable to make customizations to power pages, but we’re happy to work with you to find a way to accomplish what you need. To submit feedback, email or use the feedback tab in the Buildout platform. Feedback is constantly reviewed by our team to continue to make Buildout better.

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