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The Pipeline page allows you to view and manage your Company’s Deal activity. A Deal is any Listing in Buildout that has For Sale and/or For Lease checked in the Availability section of the Property Edit Form or any assignment that has Lease and/ or Buy Checked in the Assignment Type Section of the New Assignment form. These Deal previews can display in the default column view or in the list view, which can be toggled by the view option buttons directly to the right of the Filters button. Note: Values on this page will need to be manually entered.



Pipeline List View

Use the List View to gain deeper insight into how long your Listing or Assignment has been in each stage of your Pipeline:


Pipeline Default View

By default, you should be seeing any active deals as well as closed deals for that calendar year that you are involved in.


Find Specific Deals

Use the search bar to search for a specific Deal. You can also use the Filters button to search by Deal Type, Property Type, Size, Status, and Gross Commission.

An additional field available to Admins and Managing directors is the ability to filter by Broker.

Change Deal Status

You can change the deal status a couple of different ways within Buildout:

1. Change the status in the Property Edit 

If you’re already working on your listing, you can easily update the Status of your Deal within the Property Edit Form. Simply scroll down to Sale Information if the property is for sale or Lease Spaces if the property is for lease. There, you can select the new status of the deal and save changes, which will move the deal to the appropriate column in your pipeline.

For Sale Listings:


For Lease Listings:


 2. Change the status directly from your Pipeline

You can easily update the status of your deal through our “Quick Edit” feature which can be found via the gear icon on both the Column and List View:




List View:


Edit Deal Predictions

Click on a Deal under the Proposal, On Market, or Under Contract columns (or click on the gear icon in list view) to prompt the Editing Predictions pop-up. Here, you can enter the probability of closing the Deal, the estimated gross commission amount, and when you believe the Deal will be closed.

1) Click on the gear icon to access “Quick Edit” where you’ll be able to update your predictions


2) Once you’re satisfied with your prediction updates, click save! 



Edit Closed Deal Financials

Click on a Deal under the Closed column (or click on the gear icon in list view) to prompt the Editing Predictions pop-up for closed Deals. Here, you can enter the total transaction value of the Deal as well as the gross commission amount.



Creating Commission Schedules

If your office has a set of schedules or plans for your office or each advisor, you can add them to your Company Settings. We'll use that to auto-populate your broker split the field in the commission form. We'll also keep track of any thresholds so you don't have to!


Setting Up Schedules

1) Click “Add a Commission Plan”


2) Enter your Commission Plan information



  • Commission Plan Name
    • You can name your plan whatever you’d like! We’ve seen a few different ways people like to set up their plans:
      • By Seniority:
        • Plan Name Example: Senior broker Plan
        • If your office has different thresholds for levels of seniority, you could create separate plans for each level and assign your brokers accordingly
      • Office Plans
        • Plan Name Example: Team Program
        • If your office has specific schedules for teams and individuals, you can create each Commission Plan and assign each person who falls under that plan to the schedule 
      • By Advisor 
        • Plan Name Example: John Smith
        • If your office has plans that are very specific to each individual, you could create plans under each advisor's name. Note: You will still need to save the commission and assign the broker to the plan so we know which “John Smith” we should assign the plan to. More on Assigning under “Assigning Commission Plans”. 
  • Commission Period
    • Commission plans generally follow a “Yearly” Schedule. But you have the flexibility to set your start and end dates for the dates that work best for your office.
      • Start Date:
        • Commissions entered starting on this date will apply to the commission plan
      • End Date:
        • The date you would like commissions entered to stop applying to this plan
  • Commission Tiers
    • You can enter as many Commission tiers as you wish!


Assigning schedules

Once you’ve finalized your Commission Plans, click “Save. From there you can click the blue link in each plan's “Assigned to” column” and assign as many brokers to the schedule as you’d like.





Auto-populating Broker Splits

Once you’ve added a broker to a commission plan, you’ll see that schedule appears in your commission disbursement section of your Commission Form. Broker Split will auto-populate with the appropriate Split percentage for that advisor's current tier:




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