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This section of the Back Office tab is where you'll find a list of the royalties associated with all closed deals. The basic search function allows you to filter this list by a specific deal by name, title, address or agent name. Additional options allow for filtering by payment status (All, Past Due, Due, Filed, Received), a range of time, Deal ID, Deal Amount, Commission Amount, Close Date, or Royalty Date.

For any Deals that aren’t related to closing a Listing, you can use the New Deal button here in the top right. Once you click New Deal, you’ll be taken to a form where you can fill in the information, and under type, you’ll see we have a number of options available so that you can record transactions accordingly.


If you click the 'New Deal' button to the right, you can enter information for additional closed deals that will then populate your Commissions page.


Note: Creating a voucher in Buildout auto-generates royalties. To learn more about filling out Vouchers in Buildout, click here.

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