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The Reports tab is where you can compile data into reports for your company based on a variety of information. Here, you can generate any of the following reports:

Commissions Report

All internal broker commissions, both for closed deals and for pending deals being tracked in the Pipeline (useful for forecasting future income).

Deductions Report

Deductions that have been / will be applied against commissions. Includes things like marketing expenses, a broker’s draw against commission, etc.

Inventory Report
Inventory Report
Lease Reminder Report
Info on closed lease transactions, including the tenant and lease expiration date, so that brokers can proactively reach out to negotiate renewals.
Payables Report
All payables, i.e. money to be paid out to internal or outside brokers. Includes details on how much has been paid to date, the broker/house split, etc.
Payments Report
All payments, i.e. money already paid out. Includes details on any associated broker deductions, the broker/house split, etc.
Pipeline Report
Pipeline Report
Productivity Report
Productivity Report
Receivables Report
All receivables, i.e. money to be collected from clients. Includes the due date / deposit date, the status (e.g. overdue), how much has been deposited to date, etc.
Vouchers Report
Detailed information on each voucher: deal type, property name/address, transaction and commission value, client contact info, etc.

If you’d like to export a report, you can click on Download CSV to see this information displayed in a spreadsheet. 

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