Listing Summary - Power Page Overview

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The Listing Summary Power Page offers an overview of the Partner Sites used to list the property.

This overview article will serve as a walkthrough of the page and its optional features to help you get the most of this Power Page.


Page options can be used to customize the content displayed on the page. Options are found in the blue bar at the top of the page.

  • Columns
    • Display the Listing Info cards in one column, with listing information filling the width of the page, or two side by side columns.
  • Listing Details
    • Show or Hide the Listing Details from the top of the page. Removing this section will shift the Listing Info higher.
  • Border
    • Turn the Listing Info borders On or Off to customize the look of the page.
  • Listing Info
    • Toggle on or off the Logo, URL, View Listing Button, and Listing URL from all of the Listing Info cards.
  • Additional Listing Sites
    • Chose to display or hide Additional Listing Sites including Loopnet, Costar, and the Buildout Property Website.

Power Page Feedback

Buildout welcomes any and all feedback about this page, and all things Buildout. At this time, we’re unable to make customizations to power pages, but we’re happy to work with you to find a way to accomplish what you need. To submit feedback, email or use the feedback tab in the Buildout platform. Feedback is constantly reviewed by our team to continue to make Buildout better.

Please note that Buildout has no financial, legal, commercial, or partnership affiliation in any way with the Costar Group, Inc. or Crexi, Inc. No association or relationship between these companies should be implied or inferred. The purpose of listings syndication is to support our mutual customers to share their listings, as desired, in a seamless manner. For any questions, please contact

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