City Information - Power Page Overview

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The City Information page offers a place to enter custom city information. The page also includes content from the Location section of the Property Edit form.

This overview article will serve as a walkthrough of the page function and available page options to help you get the most out of this Power Page.


The first drop-down list on the blue bar is layouts. Layouts update the orientation of the content available on a page. Here are the available layout options for the City Information page:

  • Default
    • Display a horizontal photo on the page with text.
  • Vertical
    • Display a vertical photo on the page with text.
  • Horizontal
    • Display a horizontal photo on the page with text.



Page options live in the blue bar. Options affect what information displays on the page. Available options for the City Information page include:

  • Main Image
    • Display one, two, or three photos, a Buildout map, a Retailer Map, a combination of photos and a map, or hide the main image altogether.
  • Main Image Location
    • Left or Right (vertical layout only)
    • Top or Bottom (horizontal layout only)
  • Content
    • The Property Description and Property Details pull from the Property Edit Form.
    • Custom Text, Custom Table, and Custom Bullets options create editable text fields to include information that wouldn’t come from the Property Edit Form.
  • Content Override (horizontal layout only)
    • This option offers the ability to override text or table content with media options on the Right or Left Content side of the page. By using these options together, you can fit multiple content pieces on the same page.
  • Captions
    • Show or Hide photo captions.
  • Map Markers
    • Display Company Map Marker, Property Name Marker, Address Marker, City Name Marker, or upload a custom marker.
    • This option will ONLY update the marker of the MAIN MAP. Any additional maps will continue to use the Company Marker.

Power Page Feedback

Buildout welcomes any and all feedback about this page, and all things Buildout. At this time, we’re unable to make customizations to power pages, but we’re happy to work with you to find a way to accomplish what you need. To submit feedback, email or use the feedback tab in the Buildout platform. Feedback is constantly reviewed by our team to continue to make Buildout better.

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