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We’re excited to bring LOIS into our marketplace network as the latest syndication channel available to Buildout users. LOIS is a site selection tool powered by GIS technology and includes market information, demographics, workforce, infrastructure, housing, business, and industry with every search of available sites and properties.

The powerful LOIS GIS sites and buildings database tool was created by Economic Development Professionals for Economic Development Professionals. LOIS is based on full compliance with the International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) Site Selection Data Guidelines. LOIS meets the needs of site selectors and real estate consultants.

Connect to LOIS

  1. Go to your broker profile and find the syndication tab
  2. If you already have an account with LOIS, click ‘Connect Account’ next to Location One (LOIS) and on the following pop-up to be redirected to their site*
  3. Sign-in to your account on the LOIS website and click “Sign In” to connect your account and return to Buildout
  4. Once you are connected, all on-market for lease office, retail, and industrial listings that are marked for syndication will immediately push to the site

*If you do not have an existing LOIS account, click “Sign Up Here” to be taken to their website and enter your information to contact them about setting up a demo of their tool.

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