Property Details - Power Page Overview

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The Property Details page provides a comprehensive collection of data points from the Property Edit form; including location, property and building information, utilities, taxes, property photos, along with a place to enter custom data points as needed.

Before you Start

We recommend that you fill out property information and add photos to the Property Edit Form before you start to configure the placement of content on the page. 

While this page does allow you to customize the content directly while editing your document, by entering information into the Property Edit Form (PEF) it ensures that your property stays up to date across all your marketing materials.

Edit your Template

The Property Details Power Page offers many options for you to configure the page exactly how you want.



(Options dropdown)


Page options live in the blue bar. Options affect what information displays on the page. Available options for the Property Details page include:

  • Photos 
    • Give you the option to display 1-2 photos at the bottom of your page
  • Property Price
  • Left and Right Content
    • Choose which content you’d like to appear in each column
      • Location Information
      • Property Information
      • Building Information
      • Parking & Transportation
      • Utilities & Amenities
      • Taxes
      • 1-3 Custom Tables
  • Captions
    • This allows you to write captions on photos

Page Configurations





I don’t see the custom field I just added to the Property Edit Form on my Property Details page. Where does this information populate?

  • When requested, custom fields from the property edit form will populate at the bottom of the tables on this page

If you are still not seeing this field, please reach out to to ensure your custom field is populating correctly into your property summary and to request more information about this feature

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