How do I add properties in Buildout?

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Adding Properties to Buildout

The first step to creating a Property is to hit the green New Property button from the main Listings page.

This will take you to the Property Edit Form. Within this form, required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Throughout the form, you’ll see buttons labeled Show Additional Fields which will display additional options available to you when clicked.


By default, the Property will be set as a Proposal, meaning it will not be listed on your website.

Once you’re finished entering your Property’s information, you can uncheck this box to make it public.


The Brokers section is where you’ll add the relevant Brokers to the Property. The Primary Broker will need to be someone from your office, but if there’s a Broker you’d like to add from outside your office you can select Other Office on the right.


In the Location section, you’ll set up the address & other geographic characteristics of this Property.

If you input the address of your Property and the map view doesn’t reflect the exact location you’re looking for, you can use the Override Map Location checkbox to select a specific spot or enter in the Property’s latitude & longitude.

Property Information

The Property Information section allows you to select a Primary Property Type which will affect what fields show up in the rest of the form. Below, you’ll see the layout when looking at a Property with the Office type:

Because we’ve selected Office we are given a section called Building Information to input more building-related features of the Property.

Alternatively, if we select Land, you’ll see a slightly different structure & set of required fields:

Make sure you change the Property to the appropriate type! If you’re having trouble finding the right fields it might be because you have the type set incorrectly.

Units & Lots

Depending on the Property Type you might want to set up Units within a building or Lots in a Land property. Once the appropriate type is selected in the Property Information section you’ll see the appropriate section appear below. 


This section is where you can upload photos, videos, and other files to this Property. You can also add links to a variety of 3rd party sites like Matterport, Terrastride, or any video hosting service. All of this media will be visible on your Property’s individual web page.


This is where you can add any internal or admin-only notes to the Property in case you want to point something out or remember something for later.

Once you’re finished filling out the form, you can use the Save Property button to save the changes, or you can use Save as Draft if you haven’t filled out all of the required fields yet.

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