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Buildout and Spacelist have been working together for over a year to bring the best exposure to all of our users’ Canadian properties. After a huge volume of requests, Spacelist is excited to announce their expansion into US listings, along with some general optimizations to the syndication connection between our two platforms.

If you’re already syndicating your listings with Spacelist, everything will continue to work exactly as you’re familiar with, with no additional work required. The big change is that US listings will now be indexed on while all Canadian listings will continue to be indexed on

As always, Spacelist will remain 100% free to use with unlimited listings and leads. Syndication to Spacelist also gives you access to their Data Sharing Initiative with weekly market activity reports and real-time insights from their newly released analytics tool.

To read more about the benefits of using Spacelist, read their guest blog from when we first kicked off our partnership or visit their site.

Connect to Spacelist

  1. Go to your broker profile and find the syndication tab
  2. Click ‘Connect Account’ next to Spacelist and enter your username and password
  3. Once you are connected, all Canadian and US on-market listings that are marked for syndication will immediately push to the site

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