Important update for those using the Available Spaces Power Page

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Our first ever Power Page has evolved.

The Available Spaces page is disappearing from the page library of your newly created docs to make room for something new—the Lease Spaces page and the Plans page.

Why the change?

As we’ve continued to develop new Power Pages—dynamic document pages that we can update with new layout and configuration best practices—we’ve been constantly improving on their functionality and wanted to apply that lens to the earliest pages we introduced.

The Available Spaces page was originally built to flexibly display either lease space information from the Property Edit Form, or link directly to site plans created in the Plans tab.

Working with some great customer feedback, we decided to split the page so there was just one page for each purpose. Both pages are easier to use and finding the source of your page’s information to make any changes is much simpler with each page pulling from only one location.

This change also gave us the opportunity to implement one of the most frequently requested features for the Available Spaces page: long description text rolling onto additional lines in table cells.

What does this mean for my docs?

Any existing document where you’ve already created an Available Spaces page will keep that page as previously configured. If you need to make any edits to the Available Spaces page in those docs, it will continue to function as expected.

If you’re creating a new document, you will no longer see the Available Spaces page as an option in your page library. Look instead for either the Lease Spaces page or the Plans page.

For full breakdowns of how to use these new pages check out our how-to articles

And be sure to check out our other new Power Page releases!

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