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Brokers using Premium Marketing have the unique opportunity to capture all activity on a project in one place and share a report electronically with their clients in minutes. 

Buildout’s Client Report gives you the ability to

  • Leave notes and report on Leads
  • Decide what and when content is visible to your client
  • Reorder information to your liking 
  • Share the report with your client via email


How to Build Your Report 

The Client Report pulls data from across your Project's workspace and displays them visually in a series of summary tiles that can be expanded and explored further.

Four default tiles are populated automatically: Leads, Website Traffic, Activity, and Email Campaigns. The rest of your report can be flushed out and personalized with our Custom tile.


The Leads tile consists of everyone who is interested in the property and how each lead is progressing. By selecting “See more”, you can include notes on each lead that will be visible to your client. 

Website Traffic

The default view shows metrics from the previous week, but if you expand the card, you can view website traffic metrics from the previous month, three months, or year. Your connected Syndication Channels will also appear in this tile.


This card is not expandable, because a lot of day-to-day activity on a project could include details that you might not want to share with your client (or that the client wouldn’t really care about). By showing these high-level numbers of what was accomplished or scheduled, it gives your client a good indication that work is being done.

Email Campaigns

This graphic highlights the total number of recipients compared to the click rate and the open rate. If this card is expanded, you can view each email’s subject line, when it was sent, and the metrics for each campaign.


This gives you the opportunity to share any other information that you need to communicate to your client—whether it’s a general note or some additional charts and graphs. It’s all possible with the custom tile.

Sharing the Report

Before you share the report with your client:

  • Add notes to your leads
  • Ensure each tile’s “Visible to Client” box is checked
  • Deselect the “Visible to Client” box to exclude any tile from the report
  • Rearrange the tiles based on your preference
  • Preview the report

When you are ready to share, select the “Share” button, and choose the Project Contacts who should receive the report.

Note: You must add Contacts to the Project before sharing the report.

Your client(s) will then receive an email with a link to your custom report. Here's a sample of the electronic report:


If you want to control when your client can see things, the best practice would be to remove the checkmark from each tile after the client had a chance to review the report. So in between meetings with your client, remove visibility or, if you want them to be able to see it live, leave it all visible. It’s totally up to you!

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