Syndication Status Glossary

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Syndication is a valuable feature that allows you to post your Buildout listings to multiple CRE websites at once. To connect syndication sites to a Buildout account, you will first need to go to the Syndication tab under Profile Settings. Once you have connected syndication sites, you will see the ones you have connected under the Syndication tab of any on-market listings in Buildout. Keep in mind that only the connected syndication sites of the primary broker of a listing will display under the Syndication tab of that listing.


Depending on the state of the listing and/or website you are posting to, you may notice various statuses within the Syndication tab of a listing. Here are the definitions of those statuses as well as suggested next steps:


Updated - the listing is up-to-date and published on this syndication site. This is the most common status and should be the default status for connected syndication sites associated with an on-market listing in Buildout.

No Longer Syndicating - the listing has been removed from this syndication site. This is used for listings that have been removed from syndication, taken off-market, or if the primary broker is switched to one not connected with this specific syndication site. To change this status, you should check the Property Edit Form to make sure that the listing is marked as on-market and is not marked as a Proposal.

Update Pending - the listing is currently being updated. Buildout applies this status by default if we don’t hear back immediately from the syndication site. This status is also used by syndication sites when they have a review process for listings. If you see this status, you should keep track of how long the syndication site has been displaying this status. If it reaches 24 hours, contact Buildout Support for next steps. 

On Hold - the syndication partner is experiencing technical difficulties with their site or integration. Once the partner is up and running again, the status will be updated in Buildout.

Partner Error - there was an error during the last syndication event. This is used if an error happens on the syndication site’s side of the integration. If you see this status, you should log into your account on the syndication site and contact that site’s support team for assistance.

Ineligible for Syndication - the listing is not being pushed to the syndication site from Buildout. This typically means that the listing does not fulfill the listing criteria for that specific syndication site. 

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