User Permissions

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User permissions are set in Buildout so users have the ability to manage company-wide administrative settings, edit certain documents, send emails, put their name on listings, and/or access other features on the platform. 


Four Main Permissions

Can Manage Company (MC) - User can manage company account information, create or update user profiles, manage other users’ permissions, change plugin and website settings, and connect company email provider accounts

Can Access Other Users Properties (OUP) - User can view and see all the tabs within other users’ properties

Can Edit Properties - User can modify properties via the Property Edit Form.

Can Have Properties (HP) - User can put their name on documents and listings. They can also edit their own properties, documents, website settings, and syndication

If all users in the company should be able to view and access public docs for all on-market listings, go to Company Settings and enable the "On Market Listing Visibility" option.
If all users in the company should be able to view and access public docs for all closed listings, go to Company Settings and enable the "Closed Listing Visibility" option.


The HP Permission

The HP permission is what separates Buildout Users into 2 categories:

Brokers - HAVE the HP permission, which allows brokers to put their names on their listings. Standard Buildout billing charges per broker.

Admins - DO NOT have the HP permission. Brokerages are not charged for admin users.

Email Permissions

Can Send Emails - User can connect their profile to their individual email provider account and send emails for properties they are listed on

Can Send Email for Other Users Properties - User can send emails for properties where they are not a listed broker

Can Send Emails With Company Credentials - User can send emails using the credentials from the company email provider account

Can Send Emails With Other Users Credentials - User can send emails using another user's individual email provider account

Permissions to Create, View, Edit, and Delete Content

Can Edit Comps - User has access to the "Comps" tab in the blue bar and the ability to create and edit comps

Can Delete Properties - User can delete properties they have the ability to edit

Can Change Deal Statuses - User can make a property a proposal as well as change the deal status to on market, off market, under contract, or closed

Can View Other Users Documents - User will be able to see documents other users created in the document list

Can Edit Other Users Documents - User has access to the document editor for documents other users created

Can Access Other Users Comps - User can view and edit all comps from your company

Can Access Other Users Saved Pages - User can access all saved pages in your company

Can Edit Profile Photo - User can change their profile photo

Can edit property websites - Users with this permission have access to the website editor, and can make changes to an individual property website 


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