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The Pipeline feature enables you to view, manage, and update your deal activity so you can track every Listing or Assignment you’ve been working on. This allows you to input predictions and an expected close date, letting you forecast your income and sharpen your predictions over time. Assisting brokers with their personal pipeline is only half the feature, as users with Manage Company permissions will be able to view activity across all brokers—scaling the prediction tool to serve your entire office.

Pipeline Basics

Viewing your Pipeline

Using your Pipeline  

Pipeline Basics

Before we get started, it’s important to emphasize that this tool relies on user-entered data to estimate your deal volume. We’ve brought all of your deals together into one convenient place, now it’s time to start inputting some data for what you’re expecting to make and how likely the deal is to close. 

The two key pieces of data for this tool are Gross Commission and % likely to close.

To get the first value in our system, you’ll either need to input the Transaction Value along with a Gross Commission % so we can calculate Gross Commission for you, or you can simply input a dollar amount for Gross Commission. This value is what is used in all of the calculations pertaining to gross commissions throughout the Pipeline, and any values you enter here will carry over to Vouchers as well, so it’s convenient to keep your data up to date!

For % likely to close, you can input this directly on the deal, or Manage Company users can set default values by status in Company Settings. This value is used with the gross commission to calculate probable gross commission, which you can use not only to forecast income but also to refine your predictions over time.

Viewing your Pipeline

  1. Pipeline Totals
  2. Card View | List View
  3. Total Gross Commission | Received Gross Commission
  4. Export CSV
  5. Pipeline Visualization
  6. Search Bar
  7. Select Broker
  8. Timeframe
  9. Filters


  1. Pipeline Totals

View the sum of the data you’ve input in the Pipeline screen for the specific parameters you’ve set in the Deals in Pipeline section. Deals shows you the number of unique deals in the current view. Total Gross Commission displays the entire sum of all commissions in your pipeline while Probable Gross Commission takes your commission for each deal then applies your prediction to it. You can change this prediction by adjusting the % likely to close for any deal in the Pipeline.

  1. Card View | List View

Use this button to switch between Card View (default) and List View. Card View allows you to visualize each deal as a card that you can move from one status to another. List View displays each deal on its own line and also includes a Status Summary giving you quick context on the deal.

  1. Total Gross Commission | Received Gross Commission

Changing this option modifies how the dollar value under the Closed status is calculated. With the Total Gross Commission, you will see a total of all deals that you’ve marked as closed whether you’ve been paid or not, and the Received Gross Commission shows you only the money that you’ve received by applying a deposit in Vouchers.

  1. Export CSV

This button gives you the ability to export the data to do some more serious number-crunching. You can either generate a Pipeline Report, which will display each deal in your pipeline along with its corresponding data, or you can generate a Commissions Report, which will show a commission for each broker on each deal.

  1. Pipeline Visualization

Here you’ll see an aggregation of all of your deals in the current view according to status, along with the number of deals in each status and the Total Gross Commission for that status. If you’ve selected the Received Gross Commission above, you’ll see the total dollar value of all received commissions under Closed instead of the Total Gross Commission.

  1. Search Bar

Find any deal that you’re tracking by typing in a name or address into the Search Bar, keeping in mind only results from your current settings will be displayed. If you’re still having trouble finding a deal, make sure the listing is not set to Off Market.

  1. Select Broker

If you are not a Manage Company user, you won’t have access to many options under this dropdown, but if you do manage the company’s account you can select All Brokers or any individual broker in your office and see a Pipeline specific to the selected person.

  1. Timeframe

Select the time period you’re trying to view. The default view is Active + Year to date closed which means all of your deals that aren’t Off Market as well as any deals closed in the current year. Your other options are the following:

IMPORTANT: When you’re looking at your Pipeline or trying to find a specific deal, if the deal doesn’t match the timeframe, it won’t be displayed.

  1. Filters

Pressing this button will give you 4 additional options to filter your Pipeline; Deal Type, Property Type, Size, and Gross Commission.

Using your Pipeline

Quick Update

Clicking the gear icon on any deal that isn’t Closed will let you select Quick Update and let you enter predictions as well as other relevant information. The options available will differ based on Status, Deal Type, and Property Type, but you’ll always be able to edit gross commissions and the percent likelihood of closing.

Linking Out

Also under the gear icon, you’ll see a number of links to other sections of Buildout where you can get more information about the Property, Contact, or Company that this deal is concerning.

Edit Listing/Assignment - Takes you to this deal’s corresponding edit form in Marketing.

View Listing/Assignment - Takes you to this deal’s corresponding Project space in Marketing

View Draft Voucher - Shows you a draft version of the Voucher for this deal* 

*Only available on deals for which you have entered a gross commission

Card View

If you’re using Card View, which is the default, you’ll be able to drag deals from one Status to the other, and our application will automatically prompt you to enter any relevant information for that stage of the deal as well as update any values you’d input previously. Any changes made here update throughout the app, including in the plugin on your website! Typically if something is moving from one Status to another, it indicates a change in % likely to close.

Set up Default Predictions

To streamline the process or to make reporting more consistent across brokers in your office, Manage Company users can set up default predictions for each status. This menu can be accessed through Company Settings and then selecting the Pipeline tab. You’ll see a place to set standard prediction percentages for Proposal, On Market, and Under Contract (we’ll assume any Closed deals are 100%).




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