The Property Edit Form - Feature Overview

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The Property Edit Form is the backbone of Buildout and the source of record for all of your listing data. In order for data to appear on your marketing materials, it needs to be in the Property Edit Form. This is also where you will be updating your listing information as the lifecycle of the listing evolves.

This guide will show you how you can access the Property Edit Form and will walk you through the various areas, and it also includes tips and tricks to get the most out of the form.

Table of Contents

  1. Accessing the Property Edit Form
  2. Property Edit Form Characteristics
    1. Property Edit Form Rules
    2. Required and Additional Fields
    3. Saving your Work
  3. Walkthrough: The Property Edit Form
    1. Settings
      1. Proposal Checkbox
      2. Private vs. Public
    2. Brokers and Outside/Co-List Brokers
    3. Location
    4. Property Information
    5. Units & Lots
    6. Availability
      1. Sale/Lease/Both
      2. Expiration Dates
    7. Sale and Lease Information
    8. Financials
    9. Lease Spaces
    10. Media
    11. Notes

Accessing the Property Edit Form

The Property Edit Form can be accessed by creating a new listing or editing an existing listing.

New Listing

If you are creating a new Listing, simply click the “New Listing” button in the top-right of the Property Inventory Page (the Buildout homepage).


Upon selecting "New Listing", you will enter the listing name or select from an existing property (Lite CRM users only). Then, select the primary broker and hit "Create new listing" to save a listing draft. 


Note: If you do not have the "Can Edit Other Users' Properties" permission selected, the broker selection option will not appear and you will automatically be added to the listing as the primary broker yourself. 

Editing an Existing Listing

There are two ways to access an existing listing’s Property Edit Form: 

  1. From the Property Inventory Page: click the “Edit” button on the property’s tile.
    • Note: The “Edit” button will only appear when you mouse over the property’s tile.Edit_Button_on_Inventory_List.png

  2. From the Listing’s page: click on the “Edit Listing” button in the top-right.


Property Edit Form Characteristics

Property Edit Form Rules

  1. The Property Edit Form is your “source of record” for all of the Listings you have in Buildout. In order for Buildout to display property information on your marketing materials, it needs to be entered in the Property Edit Form.
  2. The Property Edit Form is a responsive document.
    • Sections will appear (or disappear) as you make selections on the form. For example, the Lease Spaces area will only appear after selecting “Lease” in Availability.
    • Required fields will dynamically change based on Property Type.
  3. Properties in Buildout are private when first created.
    • This is controlled by the Proposal checkbox, which is enabled by default when first making a property.
    • See “Settings - Proposal” area below.
  4. The Property Edit Form does not auto-save. Save early and often!


Required and Additional Fields

Within this form, required fields are marked with a blue field and a red asterisk. You can learn more about required fields here. Grey fields are not required but are useful for your marketing efforts.


Throughout the form, you’ll see buttons labeled Show Additional Fields which will reveal more fields when clicked.



Saving your work

Once you’re finished filling out the form, you can use the Save Property button to save the changes, or you can use Save as Draft if you haven’t filled out all of the required fields yet but still want to save your progress. A Draft is not a live listing and can only be accessed in Buildout.


Walkthrough: The Property Edit Form


Proposal Checkbox

By default, a new Property will be created as a Proposal, meaning it will not be listed on your website. Also, a proposal will also be invisible in Buildout to other users unless they are brokers on the property or have the permissions in their profile to view proposal properties.


Once you’re ready to make your listing public, you can uncheck that box and save your changes.

When you move a listing to On Market, you can choose between making the listing Private or Public. Private listings can be configured to only display on certain marketing tools, whereas Public listings are automatically shared to your company's website and connected syndication sites. Buildout Connect can only be selected if the property is not syndicated.


Brokers and Outside/Co-List Brokers

The Brokers section is where you’ll add the relevant Brokers to the Property. The Primary Broker will need to be someone from your office. When adding brokers from your office, you’ll have a drop-down selection of all of your office’s broker users to choose from.


If there’s a Broker you’d like to add from outside your office you can select the Other Office button. This allows you to add outside brokers.

The Other Office button allows you to search Buildout’s list of brokers users. You can read more about this feature here. If the user in question is in the system, then you can add them to the listing. If they are not in the system, you will receive a prompt to enter some basic information about them. This is then sent to our team so that we can add them to the listing.



In the Location section, you’ll set up the address & other geographic characteristics of the listing.


Buildout automatically generates maps for your property using our integration with Google Maps.

If you input the address of your Property and the map view doesn’t reflect the exact location you’re looking for, use the Override Map Location checkbox to select a specific spot or enter in the Property’s latitude & longitude. You can read our article about moving your map location here.


Helpful Tip: When overriding the map location, you can click and drag your map marker pin on the map to fine-tune the map.


You can also use the “Hide Address” button to remove the address from your marketing materials. This is great for confidential listings.


Property Information

The Property Information section allows you to select a Primary Property Type and Subtype. You can add additional Property Types for mixed-use listings. If your listing does not conform to Buildout’s general types and sub-types, you can use the “Override Label” button to write in a custom designation.

The required fields for the rest of the Property Edit Form will change based on the Primary Property Type you select.

Below, you’ll see the layout when looking at a Property with the Office type:


Because we’ve selected Office we are given a section called Building Information to input more building-related features of the Property.

Alternatively, if we select Land, you’ll see a different structure and set of required fields:


Make sure you change the Property Type to the appropriate type. If you’re having trouble finding the right fields, make sure the correct Property Type is selected.

Helpful Tip: Property Information also includes the Property Name field. It is highly recommended that you fill out this field because property names will appear throughout the property’s marketing materials.


Units & Lots

Depending on the Property Type, you may want to enter the number of units within a building or lots in a Land property. Once the appropriate type is selected in the Property Information section you’ll see the appropriate section appear below. 


Helpful Tip: Have Rent Roll to add? By checking off “Include Rent Roll,” you can create your own Rent Roll table!




Simply check the appropriate box(es) to indicate if your listing is for sale, for lease, or both! Depending on your selection, specific areas will appear in the remainder of the form

Expiration Dates

The Listing Expiration Dates allow you to control when your listing will automatically expire. If a listing expires, it will be set as off-market, pulling it from any website components (Buildout inventory plugin, syndication partners).


You will receive reminder emails when the expiration dates are close, so you can update them if needed.


Helpful Tip: Don’t want to have to worry about marketing a listing online by mistake? Use Listing Expiration dates to automate that process for you. Off-market listings are never visible online!

Sale and Lease Information

Note: Sale and Lease Information appears depending on the selections made in Availability.

Here you can add the information about the deal itself, including descriptions, bulleted highlights, sale/lease titles, property use criteria, and more. 

The Description is where you can flex your marketing muscles and highlight what makes the listing a great value. This field pulls into all marketing materials and is therefore very important. Make sure you fill it out to the best of your abilities - though you can always update it later as the deal evolves!


Helpful Tip: While the Sale/Lease Bullets are not required, they will pull into your marketing materials as a bulleted list of  “Highlights” if filled out. To create a bullet, simply create a line item by hitting Enter/Return. It’s an easy way to make your materials look stellar!

Helpful Tip: Add a Sale/Lease Title to add extra marketing power to your listings.





The Financials section will only appear if you select the "For Sale" checkbox under Availability. Here you can add the listing's monetary value. You can use the Basic Financials (the default) to simply show the asking price. Or you can use the Advanced Financials to add detailed financial statements to your listing.

For more information on utilizing financials, watch this video.

Basic Financials:


Helpful Tip: There are many financial fields that can pull onto your property websites (i.e. NOI, CAP), but for confidentiality reasons are not shown automatically. To display these fields online, check off the “Display Financial Fields on Plugin” box.


Advanced Financials:


Helpful Tip: If you want to include multiple financial statements or create Pro Formas, it’s recommended to duplicate an existing statement and then change the values. This ensures that the table’s line items are identical between each statement. Pulling statements into your marketing materials will be much easier and this would avoid any discrepancies between the tables’ line items.


Lease Spaces

This Lease-only area is where you can add individual lease spaces to the listing. Each space has its own dedicated form to fill out, which includes information like Address/Space Name, Lease Rate, Lease Type, Space Size, etc.

You can expand a lease space by clicking on it. You can also duplicate and delete individual spaces if need be.



This section is where you can upload photos and videos to the listing. Uploaded photos can be clicked-and-dragged into the proper order once uploaded. The first photo will become the property’s Primary Photo.

You can also add links to a variety of 3rd party sites like Matterport, Terrastride, or any video hosting service. Each has its own field under the photo upload area.

All of this media will be visible on your Property’s individual web page. If a video is added, the website will automatically create a video button.


Helpful Tip: Before uploading photos, save the property using one of the orange Save Property buttons in the top right-hand corner or at the very bottom of the page.



This is where you can add any internal or admin-only notes to the Property in case you want to point something out or remember something for later.

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