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When your company starts using Buildout, our Platform Design Team creates document templates and email templates that are specific to you based on your company’s branding. At some point, you may find that you want to request specific changes to your marketing materials. 


Here are some tips that can help you communicate your company’s vision to our design team:

  • Loop in a company admin in your request. If you are not a user with Can Manage Company (MC) permissions enabled for your company in Buildout, be sure to CC one on your request so we can ensure that we have company approval to carry out your request.
  • Provide visual examples. There’s no such thing as too many visuals! Any screenshots, specs/samples, and/or videos you can send over will help our team see what your vision is.
  • Get specific. If you’re requesting a change on a certain page in your documents, be sure to include which document template(s) should be affected by the update. If your team has both Portrait (Vertical) and Landscape (Horizontal) documents, be sure to designate which orientation(s) this update will apply to. 
  • Get even more specific. Changing a color? Provide the hex code of the exact color you want (hex codes can be found here: Switching out a logo? Send us a PNG file of the new logo you want to use. The more details you can give us uptop, the better we’ll be able to communicate your request to the design team.
  • Make sure it’s not a Power Page. Power Pages are extremely versatile pages in Buildout documents that are constantly being updated by our design team. Since they are used across all of Buildout, they cannot be customized at the company level. To read more about Power Pages and all of the features they offer, click here.

Keep in mind that not all documents/pages are a good fit for Buildout. Before reaching out, we recommend asking the following questions:

“Does this page/document save me any time - or does it just make more work?”

  • If 50% of the text on the doc/page involves manual entry on your end, it might not be worth designing in Buildout.

"How often does this page need to be updated with new content by someone at Buildout?"

  • If a page contains a lot of topical/static images or data that doesn't come from Buildout, and you expect to update this regularly, it might not be a good fit for Buildout.

"What's the name of the document?"

  • If the document is called something like the following, be warned: it might not be a good fit for Buildout! These items are commonly requested, but typically are more easily produced outside of Buildout:
    • Listing Proposal
    • Pitch Presentation or Pitch Document
    • Brokerage Services Proposal
    • Marketing Proposal
    • Company Advantage
    • Anything with ‘Report’ in the title: 'Property Report', 'Comps Report', etc.
    • Any kind of requested Form

Next Steps:

Once you have all of the details of your request ready along with visual examples, feel free to send everything over to If you have a custom request, our designers will scope it out for time and potential cost. In the event of an additional cost, your Relationship Manager will be looped in to discuss.

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