What is Buildout Grids?

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Buildout Grids combines the familiar user experience of popular spreadsheet tools with a seamless integration to the Buildout platform, empowering more strategic decision-making and increasing deal velocity. 

With a library of proven underwriting models, Buildout Grids also provides advanced and flexible underwriting capability that accelerates business results. It integrates directly with your Buildout account, allowing you to effortlessly pull spreadsheet content into polished, professional marketing documents.


Grid Template

A “clean” spreadsheet template, ready to be filled out with property/financial data. Grid templates can be pre-configured to pull in certain listing data and pre-formatted using your company’s branding styles. 

A spreadsheet associated with one of your Buildout listings. Every new grid is created in Buildout from a grid template and comes auto-populated with listing data. All data in a grid can be edited just like in any other spreadsheet.
Excerpts of a grid that can be rendered within a Buildout Marketing document. Any selection from a grid can be used as a cast. Grid templates can also include “suggested” casts for sections that are frequently included in documents.
As financial models change over time, a Buildout Grids admin can work on new versions of a grid template while the previous version is in use. Buildout Grids allows admins to roll out new versions of a grid template to all users. However, existing grids will not be automatically updated to use a new version; a user must make this change manually. New grids will use the latest grid template version.

Data Flow

Buildout data can be pulled into a grid from the Property Edit Form (PEF) and from comps. Grids can also push data back to the PEF on save. To save time, users can configure a grid template so that all new grids based on the template will auto-populate with certain data. Once populated, a grid can be manipulated like any other spreadsheet. Excerpts from the grid can be included as casts in Buildout marketing documents. Every time data in the grid gets updated, all the casts are automatically updated as well.

Buildout’s core models

Buildout Grids simplifies the underwriting process by providing a library of proven underwriting models. Developed in partnership with leading commercial real estate brokerages, Buildout’s core models can help you streamline and standardize your underwriting.

Grid templates for Buildout’s core models are automatically made available to all Buildout Grids customers:

  • Buildout Multifamily v1
  • Buildout Retail/Office/Industrial v1

Custom models

If you already use spreadsheet templates in your underwriting today, those custom models can also be integrated with Buildout Grids. To learn how to set up your custom models as grid templates, view this article.

Empty grid

If you need to start a new spreadsheet from scratch, you can create an empty grid and still take advantage of the various integrations with Buildout.


Buildout Grids functionally requires a Buildout Grids license. If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Buildout Relationship Manager.

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