How to create, edit, and customize a grid

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To create a grid, select any listing in Buildout. From the listing, select the Grids tab in the left-hand menu. Next, click the green New Grid button. 

A drop-down will appear with the list of available grid templates. You can choose to start with an empty grid, one of Buildout’s core models, or (if applicable) one of your own custom models. For this article, we will focus on starting from an empty grid.

Enter and edit your data

  1. Rename your grid: Click Empty (the current grid name) and enter a new name.
  2. Enter text or data: Click on any cell and enter text.
    Note: You can also add a function to a cell by typing =.

Customize your grid

Select cells in your grid and then format them using the top toolbar options.

Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_11.52.06_AM.png Undo or redo your last changes.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.07.51_PM.png Zoom in or out.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_11.52.21_AM.png Change font or font size.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_11.50.43_AM.png Format your data as currency or a percentage, change decimal places, and more.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_11.52.29_AM.png Make text bold or italicized, strikethrough text, or change text color.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.02.29_PM.png Add or change the color of cells.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_11.59.25_AM.png Apply styles to cells.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_11.59.32_AM.png Add or edit cell borders.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_11.59.47_AM.png Merge cells.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_11.57.40_AM.png Change the text alignment or how text wraps.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.08.30_PM.png Toggle the visibility of hidden cells.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.10.36_PM.png Add functions to cells.


Add rows, columns, and cells

  1. Select the row, column, or cells.
  2. Right-click the highlighted row, column, or cells and then choose where to insert.

Delete, clear, or hide rows and columns 

  1. Select the row or column.
  2. Right-click the row or column and then select Delete or Hide.

Delete cells 

  1. Select the cells and right-click. 
  2. Select Delete cells and then Shift left or Shift up.

Move rows or columns

Select the row or column and drag it to a new location.

Sidebar navigation

Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.53.47_PM.png Exit

Exit your grid.

Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.53.52_PM.png Full Screen

View your grid in full screen.

Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.54.05_PM.png Named Ranges Name a cell or range of cells to more easily reference it in formulas or push data back to the Property Edit Form.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.54.09_PM.png Data Formats Format your content to display your data how you want. Choose from standard formats or create your own custom formats.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.54.14_PM.png Conditional Formatting Set up rules to automatically format cells that meet certain conditions.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.54.18_PM.png Data Validation Control what you want to be entered into a cell by requiring a checkbox, number, date, text, or input from a specified list.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.54.24_PM.png Styles  Add and configure styles to keep your spreadsheets looking uniform and consistent with your company’s branding.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.54.29_PM.png Casting Recommend casts for your grid or grid template. These casts will show up as “suggestions” when using the grid in a document.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.54.34_PM.png Charts Insert a bar, line, or pie chart in your grid. Select the range of data to create your chart. Use the Styles tab to customize your chart.
Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.54.39_PM.png Locks Add locks to your grid template to prevent certain cells from being edited in a grid.

Working with multiple sheets

Add a sheet

At the bottom of your spreadsheet, click the Add Sheet icon (+) to add a new sheet.

Rename, Delete, Duplicate, or Hide a grid/sheet

  1. At the bottom of your spreadsheet, click the caret iconScreen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.37.34_PM.pngnext to the sheet's name.
  2. Select Rename, Delete, Duplicate, or Hide.

Unhide a sheet

At the bottom of your spreadsheet, click the All Sheets icon and select the hidden sheet.


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