How to use comps in Buildout Grids

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Disclaimer: This article is specific to the paid Grids Data Modeler upgrade. To create a grid template for your company, you need to have credentials. Contact your Buildout Administrator for access or email for more information.

Integrating comps data with Buildout Grids

Select a listing and click the Grids tab. Add sale or lease comps by clicking on the Sale Comps or Lease Comps links above. Next, click the gear icon to search for sale/lease comps to include in your grids. Check the boxes next to the desired sale/lease comps and click Save.

The selected comps will automatically be included as input data in all grids for this listing. To use them, create a new grid or open an existing one from your listing’s Grids tab.

To display your sale comps in a table, start by setting up your column headers. To pull in data for your comp, use the INPUT function. Select a cell, and begin typing =INPUT(“sale_comps. to view a drop-down with the available data for each comp. Note that the first comp is referenced as sale_comps.0, the second comp as sale_comps.1, and so on.

Click on the field you would like to pull in, and hit Enter. Continue using the INPUT function until you have filled out your table. You can use the same method to pull in lease comp data; start by selecting a cell and typing =INPUT(“lease_comps.



Including charts in your documents adds a visual representation of your data—making it easier to analyze. Follow the steps below to generate charts in your grids.

Generate a chart

Create a chart from your data. Select the cells you want to include in your chart and then click the Charts icon in the sidebar. Click the Insert new chart drop-down and select a bar, line, or pie chart.

A chart will appear in your grid. To add a title to your chart, go to Styles > Chart.

From the Styles tab, you can also add axis labels, position the legend, update chart colors, and create new point styles to make specific data points stand out from the rest.

Adding charts to your documents

To include the generated chart in your document, follow the steps below.

  1. Once you are ready to add your chart to a document, navigate to your listing’s Documents tab and click either the New Document button or the Edit link for an existing document.

  2. Pull up a Buildout Grids-enabled page (‘Grids’) from the Page Library.

  3. A message will appear on the page if the grid needs to be configured. Click the Select Grid button. Next, select the grid where you created your chart.

  4. A default cast may appear on the page. If you would like to select a different cast to display, click on the page to edit. Clicking on the page is a shortcut that will take you right back to your grid where you can edit the data, change the selected cast, and resize content.

  5. Select Step 2 (Change Selection) and locate the sheet with your chart. Choose to cast the whole sheet, a custom range of cells, or only the chart to your document. NOTE: If you want to include the chart plus some other content in a single cast, then you should select Custom Range.

  6. Click the Next button and ensure your content will fit on the page. The blue dotted line represents the size of the cast area in your document. If your selection is too wide or too tall to fit in the allotted area, you will be alerted that you need to resize your selection.

  7. Click the Save button to return to your document.

NOTE: For a complete walkthrough with images of how to add or update grid content in your Buildout documents, view this article.

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