Configure lead statuses and referral sources

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Every brokerage/broker uses its own terminology for lead statuses or referral sources. Managers of a brokerage with Can Manage Company permissions can add, update, remove, or reorder referral sources and leads. 

Select Company Settings in your profile dropdown and select the Project's tab.


Adding statuses and sources

To add a lead status or referral source, select the Add Status or Add Referral Source button. 

Reordering statuses or sources

To reorder, select the ellipsis icon and simply drag and drop it into your desired spot.

Editing or removing statuses or sources

Rename lead statuses or referral sources by selecting the pencil edit icon. Delete a lead status or referral source by selecting the trash icon.

  • Users will not be able to edit/remove the following statuses: No Status, Inquired, Offered.
  • Users will not be able to edit/remove the following referral sources: No Status, Inquired, Offered, Website, Website 1031 Exchange.

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