Waitlist Status—How to approve or revoke access

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Note: This functionality is only available to listing using Waitlist Access settings for Document Sharing.

Instant Access is the default option for Sharing and allows visitors to view the content on your website as soon as they’ve signed into a Buildout Sharing account.

When Waitlist Access is enabled for Document Sharing, visitors will receive a notification after logging in to access your content that says confirmation is required. Their profiles will be added to the Leads tab where permission can be granted and revoked per user by any Buildout user with permission to edit the property.

You will then receive a notification that a new visitor is awaiting approval to view the property’s documents. Anyone with permission to edit the property in Buildout can approve or revoke visitors’ access to locked documents.

To approve or revoke access, click the Leads tab to view all leads or select the Leads tab on the specific listing.

Approving access

In the Waitlist Status column, users with Pending Approval need to be approved before they can view documents.


You can approve access by selecting the gear icon and Approve Access. Or you can click on the lead's name to view the record. Underneath the Sale or Lease Website section, select Approve Access.


Revoking access 

Similar to approving access, you can revoke access to documents two ways—by clicking the gear icon next to the lead and selecting Revoke Access, or you can select the lead and click Revoke Access in the Sale or Lease Website section.Screen_Shot_2021-11-09_at_2.24.14_PM.png

You will only have the Revoke Access option if you already approved the lead to have access.


Why am I not seeing a Revoke Access button?
Revoke Access only appears once the user has been approved.

What happens if a user accidentally revokes someone’s access?
If a user revokes someone’s access by accident, an option will appear to Approve Access.

Can I manage someone’s access before they’ve verified their email?
Yes, you can approve a user who has not yet verified their email address. When they get the email letting them know that they’ve been approved, the link to the document will verify their email address.



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