How to pin individual property listings on your inventory plugin

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The ability to pin individual listings ensures your clients and prospects see the listings that matter most first. Users with Can Manage Properties permissions can pin individual listings to always show up first on your inventory plugin.

To select which properties you would like to show up first, select Company Settings, and the Plugin tab. On your plugin, select the Inventory tab and scroll to the Sort Options section towards the bottom of the page.

Adding and removing pinned listings

Search for a specific listing using the search bar or scroll to review all listings. Once you have found your listing, select the pin icon. Your listing will then be added to the Pinned Listings list.
If you would like to remove a listing, simply click the trash icon.

Rearranging pinned properties

You can sort by City, Address, Broker, or Reverse the order of all pinned listings. You can also manually rearrange properties by dragging and dropping the pinned listings using the vertical ellipsis icon.

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