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Buildout’s enhanced listings syndication has brought incredible value to our users in just a few months. To continue this momentum, we’re excited to announce Buildout’s syndication partnership with AnthemIQ.  

Now, your eligible*, on-market lease listings will appear on AnthemIQ, a CRE transaction management platform with thousands of users. No action will be necessary on your part—your on-market lease listings will automatically appear on the AnthemIQ platform and generated leads will appear in your Leads tab in Buildout.

*Only listings that meet the following criteria are eligible for syndication: The listing is active and on-market; The “Hide Address” box is left unchecked in the Property Edit Form; The “Connect syndication?” box is checked in the Property Edit Form; Only US-based lease listings.

For more information, please contact our support team at

About AnthemIQ

AnthemIQ is sophisticated commercial real estate software that enables brokers to manage their deals and engage clients on one simple platform. Built by tenant rep brokers, AnthemIQ offers a collaborative environment to build and review digital surveys, facilitate communication, schedule tours, track proposals and summarize leases. AnthemIQ helps brokers win more business, save time, and better serve their clients. Learn more at

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of listings does AnthemIQ accept?

Right now, AnthemIQ is accepting lease listings only.

How many properties are included and where are they located?

Approximately 50,000 listings are now regularly updated via the Buildout data integration. Locations across Canada and the United States are represented.

How often is the property data updated?

Refreshes happen in real-time. When the data is updated via Buildout, that data is immediately sent to AnthemIQ.

Will data I add in Anthem IQ be overwritten by the Buildout API?

Any fields updated by AIQ users will not be overwritten by Buildout data.

How can I find the properties included in the Buildout partnership?

There’s no specific way to search. Continue to add properties to your Market Surveys via your traditional approach of bulk import or individual property adds. Once added, you may notice that some of the added properties have more robust details and image library. See next FAQ for further details.

What should I do if I find data that appears to be incorrect?

Regardless of whether the property data is gathered from Buildout or the AIQ Marketplace community, you should feel free to edit or add listing details.

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