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Use automations in Rethink to alert users of critical dates to follow up with clients and prospects. In this guide, you as the System Administrator, will learn how to create an email template and email alert to notify user(s) when approaching an important date for a timely outreach. 


Step 1: Create a Classic Email Template

1. Go to Setup > search for Classic Email Templates in the Quick Find Search Bar > click New Template

2. Select your preferred format (Text, HTML, Custom, or Visualforce). We recommend Text to keep email communication simple for your team > click Next

3. Next you'll input general information, such as the name of your template, description, and the email body. We recommend using "Merge Fields" to insert more details into your template. In our example, we would include the Tenant and Lease Expiration Date:

Once you've crafted your email and saved, you'll move onto creating an email alert in the next step. 


Step 2: Create an Email Alert

1. You'll remain in Setup and this time search for "Email Alert" on the Quick Find Search Bar > click Email Alert

2. On this page you will notice two templated email alerts. You may repurpose these or create a brand new alert. In this example, we will develop a new email alert by selecting the New Email Alert button

3.  Fill in the following fields:


  • Description = name of this email alert
  • Object = Space/Unit (this is where the Lease Expiration Date is held)
  • Email Template = select the email template you created in Step 1
  • Recipient Type = the categories available to select the recipient(s) who will receive this alert. In this example, we are going to alert the individual who created the Space record.
    ** Should you choose to alert someone else that you do not see under Available Recipients, then our recommendation is to create a new field on the Space page that allows you to assign an agent to manage the lease/renewal. Once created, on the email alert you will select "Related User" as the Recipient Type and move "Related User: Assigned To" over to the Selected Recipient.

Click Save once you are done. Next, we will create the automation using one of the following. 


Step 3: Create a Workflow Rule

1. In Setup, search for "workflow rules" on the Quick Find Search Bar and select Workflow Rules

2. Select New Rule > Object = Space/Unit and click Next >

  • Rule Name = 3-Month LEX (or your preferred rule name)
  • Evaluate the rule when a record is = created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria
  • Run this rule if the = formula evaluates to true
  • In the text box below, copy and paste this formula: NOT(ISBLANK(TTL_Core__Lease_Expiration_Date__c))



3. Click Save & Next

4. Since we're creating an alert to send an email 3 months before the lease expiration date, or however many days, weeks, months, etc., then we will refer to the Time-Dependent Workflow Actions section to create this delayed alert. Click the Add Time Trigger button.


5. Here we will select the # of Days Before Space/Unit: Lease Expiration Date and click Save


6. Click Add Workflow Action and select New Existing Action


7. Search = Email Alert >  select and add the email alert you created in Step 2 > Save


8. Finally, click Done on the top right corner and click Activate on your Workflow Rule. 

Congratulations! You've now created an automation to stay ahead of critical dates!


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions.



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